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A Company To Take Halt On For Buying Extrusion Machine, Plastic Extrusion Die, PVC Extrusion Die, Extrusion Screws, Spares and many other products.. We want inquiries from Gujarat only.

About Our Company

Plastic is one of those economical materials, products of which find their use in several industries from stationery to packaging, household use items, etc. To make plastic products and even the raw plastic material, extrusion process is employed in the industries. Extrusion is basically a process in which polymers are melted and formed into a profile, it is used for production of masterbatches, films, dies, pipes and many other items. Sainath Extrusions, a company specialized in the Extrusion Process Products including Machines, Spares, Screws and Dies, is a renowned name of the market and first choice of numerous plastic products manufacturers. The company which itself works as a manufacturer helps plastic items producers by providing them quality guaranteed Master Batch Making Machine, Extrusion Single Layer Films, Extrusion Machine, PVC Extrusion Die, Plastic Extrusion Die, Extrusion Screws and many other products.